Sweet Whiskey Beard Bundle
Sweet Whiskey Beard Bundle
Sweet Whiskey Beard Bundle
Sweet Whiskey Beard Bundle

Sweet Whiskey Beard Bundle

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The Sweet Whiskey Beard Bundle includes: 1 Sweet Whiskey oil, 1 Sweet Whiskey balm & 1 Beard comb. 

The Sweet Whiskey beard oil & balm have become a customer favorite!

Sweet Whiskey balm & oil combine a strong aroma of sweet vanilla, bourbon & scotch whiskey to create massive swagger to all bearded men!

Apply the balm to moisturize, Condition, Soften & style your beard.

Apply the oil as needed to condition your skin from within while leaving your beard feeling refreshed & manly.

Customer Reviews

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Wendy McRae
Order never arrived, no response from seller

I ordered this product on June 1 and paid extra for 4 day shipping. I've emailed the seller twice requesting an update as it is now June 22 and the product has not arrived. But I keep receiving requests for product reviews. I wish I could say it's excellent, but I have no idea since the Shop app says the post office is still waiting for the seller to drop it off.

Justin Woods
The scent has the perfect range.

For those that are trying to find the beard oil that facilitates optimal conditions to promote growth of the next champion beard, you may not find this review helpful.
I use beard oil for three reasons.
1. It seems like a good idea (it does make my beard soft)
2. I'm bald and trim my man bush short, so my beard is the only hair I have to take care of.
3. The smell.
I have tried many oils. Most manufacturers take the stronger is better route. The Sweet Whiskey oil nailed both the subtle whiskey to sweet ratio, but the real gold is the strength of the scent. It doesn't broadcast across a room. It is only noticed at close range. 60% of the time it works everytime.

Murl Gray
Love it

My shipment arrived 2 days ahead of projected delivery date. The balm is as smooth as butter and you can never go wrong with the scent and quality of Sweet Whiskey. Will for sure be ordering again

Kevin Turner
Great product

This is my go to scent. It last along time and works great.