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First time using product

Though the scents would have been a little stronger.
Did make my beard feel great. 👍

Awesome Holiday product

Love the scent, gets you in the Christmas Spirit.

Smells awesome!!

Haven’t applied it yet. But I’m sure it’ll be just as great as the others. Cracked open the can and smells just like a good barber shop. Just missing a piece of Double Bubble gum to bring it all back.

Mahogany Beard Balm
Sean Martin
Great stuff!!

I purchased a can sometime back from a Cornwell Tools dealer and immediately loved it.
Lasted awhile but ran out. Used some other brands but they definitely didn’t work as well on my beard. It’s wife approved…so ordering another can was a no brainer. The sent is awesome!! Not overpowering. Just a great lingering scent.

Awesome oil

Every product you guys have is excellent, the only one that is my least liked is the coffee . But still enjoy

Sweet whiskey

Great product, looks and smells great 👍

Love it

Works and smells great. Ordered more.

Coffee Beard Oil
Jake Jacobs
Love it

Lite good scent

Father Christmas

I've the product, it was awesome , my wife love the sent. Keep it ,it,s a winner


LOVE this oil.

Coffee Beard Bundle
Jon Kalbaugh
Great product and service!

I ordered this to give as a Christmas gift. The order was shipped Immediately and arrived like two days later. It smells amazing and I can tell it’s a quality product.Thanks WWL!

Christmas all year

Love the scent. I will use it after the holidays as well. Maintains the beard and skin feels great.

Great Scent and Feel

Subtle and pleasant scent. I was worried the coffee scent might be a bit strong but it's perfect. Awesome feel on the skin as well.

Love the old fashion sent reminds me of another time when old men in a barbershop was telling fish stories

Awesome product

Love the sent actually my favorite

WWL American Flag/Logo Beanie
eric young
Nice beanie

This is a great beanie and it looks great too!


Perfect product

Wear it daily!

I enjoy wearing this hat daily no matter where I’m at so I can show off one of my favorite beard companies!

Great scent!

This oil smells amazing! Hints of oak and green apple. Gets me in the mood to sip some apple Crown!

Coffee Beard Oil
Chris Fisher
Amazing oil!

I love this beard oil! It’s one of my go to favorites. I actually came in second place in a beard competition wearing this and all the judges loved the scent and shine it gave my beard!

Mahogany Beard Balm
Jake Jacobs
Mahogany beard oil

Love the sent and oil Awesome

Coffee Beard Balm
Brian Scott

Excellent product. Coffee is a great scent..... need to try more.

Love the product but.......

See my review on the oak and apple beard balm. TLDR great product, long wait to get it.

Love the product but.......

I love this product the scent is light but very nice. This scent is actually my wife's favorite. If you order this i have no doubt you would be happy with the product itself.
My issue is that even though i payed for the upgraded shipping it is still taking 1.5 to 2 weeks to get my order. I ordered on 8/10/21 got my order confirmation that day. The next day i got my shipping confirmation with tracking number. The tracking showed the package was in the pre shipment stage from the 11-15th. Finally on Monday the 16th it showed it was shipping and eta was saturday the 21st! I paid for the 2-3 day shipping.
This is the 2nd time in a row this has happened, now mind you the last time this happened they did make it up to me but i had hoped that the issue would be remedied by my next order. I don't like to put companies on blast like this generally but i got an email asking me to review the product since my order had been fullfilled 7 days ago. I am still wait for it to arrive.
So if you are looking for an exellent product and don't mind some wait time then any of the balms or oils are for you.

Mahogany Beard Oil
Jake Jacobs
The Mahogany

A awesome scent different but sweet and my wife loves it