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Mahogany Beard Oil
Jake Jacobs
The Mahogany

A awesome scent different but sweet and my wife loves it

Love it

Oak and Apple is awesome , all your products are

Love this new product fromWWL. My new favorite.

Always a great product from this company. Feels good and smells great and the most important thing is The Wife approves of it...👍🏻

Great looking hat and fits comfortable on the head.

The scent has the perfect range.

For those that are trying to find the beard oil that facilitates optimal conditions to promote growth of the next champion beard, you may not find this review helpful.
I use beard oil for three reasons.
1. It seems like a good idea (it does make my beard soft)
2. I'm bald and trim my man bush short, so my beard is the only hair I have to take care of.
3. The smell.
I have tried many oils. Most manufacturers take the stronger is better route. The Sweet Whiskey oil nailed both the subtle whiskey to sweet ratio, but the real gold is the strength of the scent. It doesn't broadcast across a room. It is only noticed at close range. 60% of the time it works everytime.

Surfs Up Beard Oil
Jake Jacobs

Great product guys ,Love it

Awesome product

Love the new Surfs Up , nice scent

Mahogany Beard Balm
Josh Tarrant

Good shit.12 in beard.good shit!!!!!!@!!!!

The best oil I've ever used. I would highly recommend this. Beard on. Brothers

Love it

My shipment arrived 2 days ahead of projected delivery date. The balm is as smooth as butter and you can never go wrong with the scent and quality of Sweet Whiskey. Will for sure be ordering again

Coffee Beard Balm
Kevin Turner

Just tried today and it's a great scent. I have tried other brands of coffee scented balm and they all fall short of this. This really smells like a fresh cup of coffee.

Great product

This is my go to scent. It last along time and works great.


Best beard oil I have ever used. Great smell, does not leave your beard greasy like others I have tried. This beard oil is perfect. Definitely will buy again. Shipment arrived in good time and love it is made in USA. Leaves my beard so soft and the scent is perfect

Michelle Alder

Purchased WWL hat for a gift....awesome design, great quality product!!

Beard Oil Sample Pack
Very impressed

Never used beard products before but tried these on the advice of a content creator on twitch / facebook. The scents are very appealing and not overbearing. After only 3 uses i can feel my beard softening. I will definitely be purchasing full size product in the future.

Coffee Beard Balm
Brian Scott

The coffee balm is the best! Perfect combination of scent and control. Definitely ordering again. Thanks!

Another great order!

Great stuff

The barbershop beard oil and beard balm smell great. Highly recommended.

Beard Oil Sample Pack
Andrea Tate
I am giving you five stars!

I am giving you five stars!! I love the smell! My husband really likes it.Everytime I walk in the bedroom he is standing infront of the mirror combing his beard!! Lol

Awesome products

Always love the feel and smell of the products. Not too heavy but makes my skin feel great and helps my beard to look amazing!

Beard Oil Sample Pack
Beard Oil Sample Pack

All the scents are just fantastic. Will definitely be purchasing one of each!

Beard Brush leads to Best Buns!

It's got hard bristles, it's got soft soft bristles, it's got a handle. All components work as expected. The part I didnt expect is being attacked by my lady after my most recent beard styling. I come out of the bath room and say, " Hey Lady, check out how nice my beard looks! I got this new Brush from ....." she freaking jumped me. Which is a good thing. The good kind or attack if you know what I mean.
So now I use this brush everyday with the hopes of being accosted. Can't win if you dont play. Enjoy the brush. Enjoy the action!

Game changer!

The duo layered bristle is genius and allows the brush to smoothly glide through my beard! Love the wood craftsmanship as well!